Modular Dosing Valves


About Modular Dosing Valves

Why a Modular Dosing Valve?

  • The Pneumatic Dosing Valve from TMG Holland BV is equipped with a unique sealing system. The PTFE Seat has a specially designed rounded sealing surface. This PTFE Seat is food-safe and is FDA-approved. Together with the special rounded bottom, this forms a perfect seal for liquids and slurries.
  • The modular design of the TMG Dosing Valve ensures that the special bottom can be disassembled very quickly with a Tri-clamp connection. This means that a bottom with a larger or smaller outflow can be realized quickly and on site.
  • Customer-specific outflow systems are also possible.
  • The same Modular Dosing Valve with actuator can be used for all the different outflow options.
  • The outlet of the modular bottoms are also equipped with a Tri-Clamp connection which makes CIP cleaning possible.
  • The connection on the bottom can also be used for connecting special accessories such as Spout outflow.
  • All this makes the TMG Modular Dosing Valve a unique Dosing Valve.

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